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Pro Sustainable Management


We give producers, retailers, and consumers as well as administrators and researchers the opportunity to capture the ecological footprint of a product at a glance.

Pro Nachhaltiges Wirtschaften

About Pronawi

Every product on the shelf requires human capital and natural resources. The end-users hardly learn about it even though numerous political challenges (Rio+20, Climate Change Agreements 2015 / COP21, Agenda 2030/SDGs, etc.) are closely linked to the sustainable use of resources and energy.

The aim of the ProNaWi project – pro sustainable management – is to make this information visible when purchasing as well as to reward sustainable purchasing, thereby creating the conditions for the development of effective steering instruments. An optimally assembled consortium ensures the success of the project.

Konsortium gewährleistet den Erfolg des Projekts.

Our Goals

Pro Nachhaltiges Wirtschaften

The Right Measurement

ProNaWi provides a long-term expandable, open, scalable valuation logic for the sustainability analysis of products.

Pro Nachhaltiges Wirtschaften

Develop A Scalable Method

Few reference products allow for a valid extrapolation for other products.

Pro Nachhaltiges Wirtschaften

Ensure Distribution

We develop services for the use of the system along the value chain: trade, suppliers, and producers.

Pro Nachhaltiges Wirtschaften


We reward ecological shopping – moving away from the volume discounting and towards the value discounting.


Awarded Twice

As a result, a workable methodology of “double pricing” is finally available: products receive a “resource price”.


Purchasing with a clear conscience can now be made on an objective basis. In addition, we are also creating the conditions for living ecological sustainability and linking specific instruments to it, remunerating this accordingly and reducing the use of resources and energy in society.

Pro Nachhaltiges Wirtschaften