How ProNaWi Works

ProNaWi scientifically calculates the Sustainable Impact of your product

ProNaWi enables the automated calculation of the Ecological Footprint of your product. This enables you or the stakeholders in your value chain to make informed, knowledge-based decisions.

To calculate the Sustainable Impact, ProNaWi accesses existing databases such as Ecoinvent. In addition, ProNaWi can be integrated into your enterprise resource planning system. If information is missing, the system can automatically send inquiries to upstream suppliers. On this basis and in comparison with reference products of the same category, ProNaWi calculates the CO2 equivalents. ProNaWi shows CO2 equivalents and also how accurate the calculated value is – the more data available, the more valid the statement.
If desired, ProNaWi plays the values back into your merchandise management system so that they are available for further utilization at the push of a button.

What benefits ProNaWi brings you

  1. Identification of effective levers for greening the supply chain
  2. Sustainability reporting
  3. Digitization of sustainability documentation
  4. Display of sustainable product impact (CO2e) at the shelf
  5. Double “prize”-award

What additional benefits ProNaWi offers

  • The longer the better
    ProNaWi is – among other things – a “self-learning” system. Machine learning leads to a constant improvement in data quality. Combined with your data, you thus have high-quality, always up-to-date sustainability information on your products.
  • Customizable
    If ProNaWi cannot meet your individual information needs by default, we can develop a special tool for this purpose and integrate it into ProNaWi.
  • Safe
    ProNaWi runs on our – in Austria climate neutral – hosted servers. A tight data backup system ensures data security.